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The Hindi term ‘Basmati’ means full of aroma and basmati rice is quite fragrant and smells like popcorn when cooked. Cultivated in the foothills of Himalaya, Shah Traders deals in both brown and white basmati rice. Both types have a distinct smell and nutty taste. Unlike other types of rice, basmati rice can be consumed by diabetic and heart patients as well because they are rich in nutrients and fiber. Basmati rice is one of the healthiest whole grains and a good source of carbs. It’s been scientifically proven to be good for health and can be added to your regular diet.

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  • Following are some benefits of including basmati rice in your diet:

a. Improves heart health: Eating whole grains like Basmati rice lowers the risk of heart diseases and also reduces blood cholesterol levels. Keeping blood pressure low and ultimately lowering the risk of a heart attack is all anyone can ask for these days.

b. Improves brain health: Basmati rice is rich in both micro and macro nutrients including Vitamin B, proteins, dietary fiber, calcium, iron and Vitamin B1 (thiamine). Thiamine is very crucial for brain health and proper functioning. It also works as an antidepressant and stabilizes the mood.

c. Reduces risk of cancer: Brown basmati rice has 20% more fiber than any other type of brown rice. And, a high fiber diet always helps in slowing down the growth of cancer cells especially colorectal cancer. Just 3 ounces of whole grains such as basmati rice a day can reduce your chances of getting this cancer by 17%.

d. Reduces blood sugar: Basmati rice has a lower glycaemic index than any other type of rice available in the market. The rice is gluten free and low in fat and no cholesterol whatsoever making it a perfect part of a healthy and balanced diet for diabetic patients.

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